Advertising in the Castro Courier is the best way to reach a targeted audience of residents of the Castro, Upper Market and Duboce Triangle neighborhoods. We provide our advertisers with direct expsore to area residents like no other publication in the area by printing 15,000 copies a month and delivering 13,000 door-to-door throughout the neighborhood. Our area of door-to-door delivery is in between Waller and 21st streets (north-to-south), and between Guerrero Street and Buenva Vista Park (east-to-west). The remaining issues are stacked in cafes, restaurants and businesses to maximize readership.

Click here to download our ad rates. If you are a small business that does not have camera-ready art, don't worry – we can create your ad in-house. Non-profits and schools receive an automatic 25% discount.

We also have a special page on our website where all advertisers have links listed for free.

Ad space must be reserved by the 25th of every month.

Pleaes call the office at 415-517-6331 or email us at to learn more.