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What Has Supervisor Scott Wiener Accomplished in His First Year?


Interview by Bill Sywak


Good Samaritan Ordinance (passed): Makes it easier for tenants displaced by disasters to obtain temporary affordable rental units while their units are being fixed

Parking Lot Security Ordinance (pending): Increase security standards for late night parking lots near nightclubs

Corbett Slope Transfer Ordinance (passed first reading): Transfer neighborhood open space to DPW so neighborhood can create a park and community garden, and avoiding having it auctioned to private developer

Taxi resolution and related work (passed): Passed resolution urging increase in cab service; working with MTA to move forward required demand study preceding a significant increase in the number of cabs

Prevailing Wage Legislation (heard in committee, likely will be passed in January): Strengthen the prevailing wage ordinance, which ensures that city contractors pay a decent wage to their employees, with the major beneficiaries being low-wage janitors

Sentencing Commission Legislation (heard in committee, likely will be passed in January): Creates commission to set standards for local sentencing, to cope with realignment and to ensure that our county jails and budgets don't get overwhelmed

Nudity Legislation (passed): Established basic standards for outdoor nudity and banned it in restaurants

Plaza Legislation (set for hearing in January): Seeks to put Jane Warner Plaza under similar rules governing other city parks and open spaces.

Historic Preservation Legislation (heard at Planning Commission, likely before Board in February or March): Seeks to ensure that before a historic district is created, residents have buy-in and to ensure that historic districts aren't gentrified - allows economic hardship opt-out for people of limited means who own property in the district.

Streets Bond (Prop B) (passed): This will accelerate street resurfacing and will allow for some much-needed pedestrian-safety improvements.

Ballot Measure Reform (Prop E) (didn't pass): Prop E sparked an important conversation about the need to reform our ballot measure system.

Dogwalker Legislation (heard in committee; likely to pass Board in January). Seeks to mandate a license for individuals walking seven or more dogs.

Opposition to GGNRA dog policy (passed): "I've taken the lead in opposing the GGNRA's proposed dog restrictions and working with GGNRA and stakeholders to improve the plan."

Mission Alcohol Special Use District (passed): This SUD dramatically and unreasonably restricts alcohol licenses in the Mission. I would like to repeal it. In the short-term, Supervisor Kim and I co-sponsored legislation to exempt bowling alleys from the restrictions.

Nightlife/entertainment study: I have taken the lead on the Board in addressing nightlife and entertainment issues. I requested an economic impact study showing the economic contribution and tax contribution of this industry. It should be completed early 2012.

Budget: "I serve on the budget committee and worked closely with Supervisor Campos to protect funding for HIV services, LGBT youth programs, and other programs of importance to the community."

CFRO reform: "I recently introduced legislation to make much needed improvements to the Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance."

Regional Work

I (along with Supervisor Campos) represent SF on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), a 16-member body that makes key transit funding and policy decisions for the 9-county Bay Area. As a member of the MTC, I am deeply involved in many different transit issues. One issue on which I've taken a leadership role is high-speed rail and ensuring that HSR extends to the Transbay Terminal."

District Work

Dolores Park - Played and continued to play a leadership role in moving the renovation process forward.

Duboce Park - Secured funding to allow the Duboce Park Youth Play Area to move forward. It will go into construction early next year.

Noe Courts - Helped secure funding for some renovation work.

Glen Canyon -He has been very involved in the renovation design process, with funding from the 2008 parks bond.

Duboce Historic District - Worked with Planning Staff and members of the community on this proposed historic district north of Duboce Park.

Pedestrian safety work - 16th/Noe/Market, Castro Street, Dolores/Market

Castro and Noe Fires - Worked with the displaced tenants to find them housing and helped raise money to help them.

Fair Oaks rape - "I've been working closely with the neighborhood on this horrible crime and helped facilitate a large community meeting last night."

School involvement - "I convened a meeting with principals in the district schools and have spoken at most of the schools in the district. I try to be extremely accessible to the schools and students."

For 2012

LGBT Seniors - "I and Supervisor Campos will be calling for a hearing on the needs of LGBT seniors."

Food trucks - "I've convened a working group to take a look at our regulations of food trucks and to see if we need any legislative changes to improve the process and to make it more fair."

Street usage - "I'm very involved in policy work around street usage, including our Pavement to Parks Program and improving how we do street closures. I'm also considering legislation to allow restaurant seating in the street, not just on sidewalks."

Moderate/middle income housing - "Early in 2012, I will hold a hearing on how the City can produce more moderate/middle income housing, which has been severely lacking. I've also been pushing to ensure that the CPMC project produces this kind of housing."

Parks Bond - Playing a lead role in putting together the next parks bond.

Better Streets Plan implementation - In light of the AT&T utility box controversy, he plans to coordinate compliance with the Better Streets Plan.

Earthquake Preparedness - "I'm working closely with the Mayor on rolling out our long-term approach toward earthquake preparedness."