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HIV testing, performed in Castro's Magnet, remains an important part in the battle as new drugs are not a panacea for the infected.

A First-Person Encounter
After 30 years of local operation, Lyon Martin Health Services nearly shut down in late January due to a funding crisis. The clinic, which specializes in care for queer women and transgender people, had planned to close its doors on Jan. 27, but...

Now Former Supervisor Dufty Reflects on Political Career
It has finally come time for District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty to hang up the title of “supervisor,” though if things go his way, it won’t be the last title he will wear in his political career.

HRC To Occupy Former Castro Camera Site
January was a busy first month at the Board of Supervisors, and I’m proud to have been a part of history while also getting to work immediately for the residents of the Castro and District 8.

Real Estate : Is a Short Sale Right for You?
f you want to sell your house, and the amount you owe plus the costs of sale are more than it’s worth, then you will be faced with the choice of attempting a short sale or bringing in the cash to close.

Castro Crime Beat

IRS Money for Gay Marriages or RDPs
Did you ever think that the IRS would cut you a refund check because you’re in a gay marriage or registered domestic partnership (RDP)? Well, a recent IRS tax ruling makes that a distinct possibility.

January Calendar
An amorous couple enjoys the first moments of 2011 in the Castro.